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January 13 2018

Our own Story

Our work develops out of a BUSINESS-ON-BUSINESS division from EasyAcc that is placed in 2015.
Because of to rapid growth upon many more projects, All of us independent and build the company called MENGTOP, this ready begin operations within February associated with 2017.
Within order to help client build their own brand names, to attain common growth, MENGTOP is here now to do the actual job.
What we perform

MENGTOP still responsible with regard to the at wholesale prices business regarding EasyAcc.

MENGTOP carefully chooses factories with over twenty years of experience in the field, as well as works together to assist our own customer develop high quality, revolutionary & unique items.

MENGTOP according to your own requirement & our concept to create Cool product, almost all products are original, through the initial concept, research, creating to the final creation procedure.

As such, all of us can offer goods along with the lowest prices, managing costs on all generation processes.
Our Regular Items

Beside the ODM problem, we all also develop the particular new merchandise every 7 days, introduce a new item every month, replacing typically the earliest one.

You may also choose to market our regular products.


Some of the the majority of successful products created through personal needs to resolve problems rather than wishes to create profits.

In accordance to this concept, many of us guarantee all numerous truly bring the comfort and also tend to be practical to the customers.

We place our rely upon our suppliers at Shenzhen, for their own quick response, dependable along with 360° quality manage.

We all choose producers just right after we examine all of them completely and guarantee that often the factories meet the worldwide requirements.

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